About Us

Our services and main benefits

“Marcus Design” furniture factory was founded in Chełmża – 12 years ago, but has 40 years of great history and experience guaranteed by our employees. Before the furniture factory was founded – we worked as a traditional wood manufactory.

We are a company that produces special and complicated upholstered furniture and wood elements. The factory covers an area of ​​about 4500m2 and employ 83 employees, including 50 specialists and technical service.

We combine traditional craftsmanship and modernity. The company has many years of experience in product development and production in wood. We support our customers and deliver the highest quality and uniqueness of ordered products.

We manufacture your collection and supply you with production forces and the final quality. The main of our products are exported to more than 16 countries and regions.

Marcus Design produces the upholstery for customers from Germany, Austria, England, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Poland etc.

We are customer-oriented and the highest quality is always designated as a company target. Our traditional craftsmanship and the manual production of top – quality furniture – is also supported by the modern CNC machines. Handmade products and attention to detail distinguishes us from all other companies and guarantees a success-oriented cooperation with your company.

We will provide you the furniture and collections that meet the highest expectations in terms of function, material, construction and production technology.

You are welcome!