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“Marcus Design” is a company that operates across the Europe.

The secret of our success lies in employee experience and professional solutions, produced and developed according to the rising aesthetic demands of our customers.

We offer the highest product quality, our capacities and a successful cooperation. Customer satisfaction is most important for us. We will provide the best service for your company.

This is a motto of Marcus Design. We are the specialists for individual and optimized production. We know everything about woodworking. Our production and technical possibilities guarantee your success and brand quality. We are highly customer-oriented. At the beginning there is always intensive discussion with customer, because it is very important to hear his expectations ‘between the lines’ – and to define the main goals and to prepare development plan and the necessary steps in production processes. We do everything to meet customers expectations. We will prepare the finished product according to your samples.

The more the products are complimented – the better for us. We specialize in upholstered chairs, preparing also the unique tables and wooden elements.
Our experience always guarantees the highest quality, personal contact with customers, problem solving and business satisfaction. Our service also guarantees your company the best price and urgent delivery. We will support you to save your money and optimize the whole production process. We strive for success – and the satisfactional cooperation possibility with your company – is our key to success!

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